Atma-Vichar meditation

Atma-Vichar in Sanskrit, ”Self-enquiry” in English is a form of meditation and self-reflection aimed at understanding one’s true nature. In Atma-Vichar, one asks questions like ”Who am I?” or ”For whom does the experience happen?” and observes what you identify as ”I” in your experience, seeking its source, which in turn provides insight into your true nature. This meditation is inspired by the teachings of Ramana Maharshi and is designed to help people explore and understand themselves at a profound level.

Omkara meditation

Welcome to Omkara meditation, a journey to inner peace. In the next 35 minutes, we’ll explore the power of ’Om,’ a symbol for the unity of the universe. Chant Om for ten minutes, centering the mind, followed by 15 minutes of profound silence to deepen inner calm. Conclude with another ten minutes of Om chanting for balance. Experience a spiritual journey and let Omkara guide you to a soothing inner serenity.

A meditation on death and impermanence

In this meditation we explore the depth of self-discovery and gratitude through the simple act of preparing for bed. As you wash yourself and fold your clothes, you create a space for contemplation on life’s impermanence. Picture your loved ones around a hypothetical deathbed, expressing gratitude and bidding farewell, fostering a connection to life’s transient nature. This practice enhances awareness of the present, instilling a newfound sense of appreciation and reveals your inner peace.