Private Sessions

Online or in person in Malmö, Sweden

Session by appointment


Private Non-dual meditation sessions

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and inner peace with private non-dual meditation sessions with Atmananda.

With over two decades of experience in non-dual meditation and Vedanta, Atmananda offers personalized, one-on-one guidance. Whether you’re new to meditation or looking to deepen your practice, he provides techniques to quiet the mind, cultivate presence, and uncover the truths of non-duality and Vedanta.

Drawing from his background in meditation, yoga and spiritual inquiry, Atmananda creates a safe and supportive space for inner exploration. Each session is infused with wisdom, compassion, and a deep respect for the transformative power of meditation.

Face life’s challenges, seek clarity, or deepen your connection with your innermost Self. Begin your journey of self-discovery and inner peace. 

Session can be provided either:

1. Online on Zoom (details will be provided after you booked a session)


2. In person at Ehrensvärdsgatan 4A in Malmö, Sweden.
Press M Atmananda and you will be let in. Go to the left up the stairs to the first floor and you have arrived. 



1500 sek (150€) for a 60 minutes session
5 sessions (60 min each) for 6 000 sek (600€)
10 sessions (60 min each) for 10 000 sek (1000€)

 In Sweden you can use your Wellness allowance (friskvårdsbidrag) to cover the cost of the sessions since July 1, 2020.